Workshop For Local Business Owners On Proper Hiring Procedures

Local business and restaurant owners were given information on how to obtain a certificate that can help prevent fines in the case of infractions due to illegal hiring practices.
Owners, entrepreneurs and human resources staff gathered to learn about the certificate program. “Image” is a mutual agreement between ICE and local business owners.
During the workshop, information was distributed over the proper procedures owners should take when hiring employees, how to verify legal status and how to detect fraudulent documents. All with the purpose of preventing businesses from hiring employees with no legal status.
ICE officials suggest business owners should have regular audits to verify the authenticity of documents.
A business owner can apply for the certification online where he or she will be given the steps to legally hire an employee. The certificate will then be awarded.
With this certificate, the owner can have reduced fines resulting from infractions, if and when the errors are found in less than 50 percent of the total 1-9 forms revised.
ICE officials want business owners to take advantage of the program given the frequency at which infractions with legal hiring happen. The ICE website lists all the requirements a business owner must meet to obtain the certificate. It’s important to emphasize that businesses who have the certificate can have their fines reduced in the case of an infraction, depending on the situation.