South Padre Island officials have arrested a woman that has been on the run for almost a month. Investigators believe 56-year-old Lois Riess killed her husband in Minnesota and fled to Florida where she shot and killed a woman with the intention of stealing her identity.
Randy Smith, South Padre Island Chief of Police tells Fox News that a tipster called authorities around 8 pm saying a woman who matched the description of Riess was spotted at a restaurant.
“They were able to find her in a nearby restaurant they surveyed the area for a few minutes and validated that they believe that there could be truth to it. They called for some backup units that were waiting outside and they were able to have the suspect step out to the outside of the doorway and question her.”
Smith added that after transporting her to the station they were able to validate that she truly was the suspect. According to state officials, Riess has been on the run since the end of March when her husband David Riess 54 years of age was found dead in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, making her the lead suspect.
Riess was last seen a month ago at a store and casino north of Iowa.  Authorities published a video that shows her approaching the cashier of the store.
“We also were able to tow and secure the vehicle and its held for forensic processing and it’s the Acura that had been out on the news that everyone was looking for.”
At the moment Riess is behind bars at the south padre island police department. Officials say they are waiting for the arrival of Florida and Minnesota detectives to proceed with the investigation.