RGV (KFXV) — In a story you’ll only see on fox news, a woman claims she was withheld wages and let go of her job after fainting during work hours.
According to ‘Fuerza Del Valle’, wage theft costs workers 30-billion dollars annually across the country. One local resident says she’s recently been denied full payment for her work.
This woman who asked to remain anonymous says she had been working for a harvesting company the past two months. That is until she fainted doing labor work.
The woman who we’re calling ‘Maria’ claims she– along with others– were overworked without an option.
Fox News reached out the owner of the company who says– that the claims about the workers not getting their full pay is false.
Members of Fuerza Del Valle– an organization who works to improve working conditions in the valley– say wage theft in the RGV is a contributing factor to poverty.
They add that one of the biggest obstacles in reporting these incidents is fear of retaliation.
Fuerza Del Valle holds information meetings every Tuesday for residents who feel they have been victims of wage theft or labor abuse. For more information you can call (956) 283-5650.