Officials in Laredo need your help locating a woman accused of smuggling undocumented immigrants.

31-year-old Monica Yvette Lopez is wanted after failing to appear to her court date.

“The charges are for smuggling persons for monetary gain and what happened over there is that we encountered her and we called border patrol immediately because of the undocumented persons so she is now known to be out there,”

The incident was reported July 2017. According to the report, border patrol agents witnessed a group of people by the Rio Bravo walking toward a vehicle. The driver then took off and headed toward Meadow Avenue by the Zapata highway.

The Webb County Sheriff’s Office tells us there were more than four people inside.

“Lopez was last seen at the 190 block of Mangana Hein. She has brown eyes, black hair and is about 5 feet tall.”

If you have any information regarding Lopez’s whereabouts, you are asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 523-4532.