Willacy County Files Suit Against Private Prison

Willacy County (KFXV) — A lawsuit is filed against a private prison company where Local Government Corporation alleges the Willacy County Prison was forced to close because of its failure to meet its most basic obligations, according to the contract.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday, claims the private prison company failed to oversee and repair problems– which eventually led to the closure of the prison.

Willacy County Local Government Corporation filing the lawsuit alleging that private prison company, ‘Management & Training Corporation’– also known as MTC– whom they partnered with, did not follow contract procedures.
According to Willacy County’s management contract with MTC, it was responsible for proper management of the prison.
The lawsuit specifically points out that MTC was to provide necessary services to inmates for an efficient operation of the entity.
But MTC failed to oversee and repair problems, including flooding toilets, rodents and a lack of basic inmate services, which in turn caused a prison riot on February 20, 2015.

In the end, the Willacy County Prison was forced to close by the Bureau of Prisons, which deemed the facility ‘uninhabitable’–letting go of 400 employees.

Local Government Corporation, stating that had MTC done its job correctly, the prison would still be in business.

In response to the lawsuit, MTC sent a statement to Fox News, saying they have always addressed structural, maintenance and other issues in a timely manner, and also making sure that the facility met all Federal Bureau of Prison standards.

“While we can’t discuss specific allegations, we can say that mtc has always addressed any structural, maintenance and other issues in a timely manner. The bureau of prisons (bop) Monitored mtc’s operation on a daily basis and did frequent comprehensive audits to make sure the facility was safe and clean and that it met all federal bop standards. The facility was also accredited by the american correctional association and the joint commission, which accredits healthcare organizations throughout the country.”

Willacy County is requesting ‘MTC’ pay for actual damages, punitive damages and attorney fees.

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