These boxes of food would be known as “America’s Harvest Box” which would replace cash benefits to the 38 million snap recipients in the country. The Trump administration proposed this harvest box as a part of the 2019 budget, the administration looks to save 130 billion dollars over 10 years with this new proposal. Lazaro adds this could further limit the amount food her family eats.  The box of food would have 90 dollars worth of goods, currently, food stamps better know as SNAP benefits are loaded onto a card. The white house says the goods would be 100 % grown and produced in the United States. Oscar Longoria state representative for district 35 says that this new proposal might not work in case of natural disasters. He also says that there could be a lot of issues if we change to this type of format and the administration should test it out if they decide to implement it. At the moment this is just a proposal and still needs to go through Congress before it sees the light of day.