Weslaco residents have complained to the city’s animal control over stray dogs they claim are invading their homes.

On Onyx Street in Weslaco, several dogs are seen roaming the area and causing physical damage. Neighbors spoke on the issue.

“They cause damage under my home. It’s a disaster, I’ve gone to pet control and complained. They’ve come, but they haven’t done anything.”

Local residents say they are scared because they have seen a few dogs that act aggressively.

“There was a dog that almost tackled my daughter but she ran away, but the dog did bite my nephew’s pants.”

We spoke to a neighbor who also felt uneasy about the growing animal population.

“One time one of my cousins, she had her baby in her arms and one of the dogs came and chased her.”

We spoke to Weslaco Animal Control who said they would send out a statement outlining the steps they would have to take in these types of cases.