Weslaco ISD Superintendent Placed on Administrative Leave, Investigation Continues

A special meeting called tonight for Weslaco ISD… on the agenda: the future of the superintendent.

Special meeting call tonight for Weslaco ISD on the agenda the future of the superintendent was at the meeting tonight we know the superintendent has been suspended.

The seven-member school board voted behind closed doors to place the superintendent on administrative leave.

Dr. Ruben Alejandro’s chair empty at tonight’s meeting as a decision came down. we asked why the superintendent is suspended effective immediately.

“It’s a sensitive matter, not just to him but to another employee, and we are going to respect their privacy.” — David Fuentes (Weslaco ISD School Board President)

The school board president David Fuentes also responded to questions about allegations of sexual abuse surrounding superintendent Alejandro and a student.

“No, there is not a student involved” — David Fuentes (Weslaco ISD School Board President)

Alejandro has served as superintendent since 2012. Residents like Edward Mejia support tonight’s outcome.

“I’m a product of the district and I’ve been around here many many many years so I first hand have seen the district at its best and and also at its worst and what not so I mean I believe this is the best decision that was made.” — Edward Mejia

Until the investigation is complete the board voted to name Dr. Filomena Leo well as interim superintendent.

“I’m sure she will come in and make a positive impact and try to have the best interest of the school district.” — Edward Mejia

Dr. Leo has served as superintendent of La joya ISD and has served as interim superintendent for at least 5 other ISD’s.

We were told that the investigation could take anywhere between 30 to 45 days for superintendent Alejandro.

We will keep you updated as soon as Fox 2 learns more.

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