In Weslaco, authorities are asking for the community’s help to identify several burglars caught on camera breaking into a vehicle during the floods.
Four male suspects, riding bicycles, were captured on surveillance video stealing from an abandoned car.
Jose Antonio Rodriguez, Weslaco Police Department Community Outreach Officer, tells Fox News the burglary happened on Wednesday, June 20 at around 9 pm. The vehicle was left unattended on the 300 block of West Frontage Road.
 “On this day, Weslaco sustained a heavy amount of rainfall, it caused the driver to leave the vehicle unattended. These subjects they took advantage of the situation and they went inside that vehicle and they grabbed an undetermined amount of merchandise from inside.”
In the video, you can see the suspects flashing a light inside the abandoned car searching through the passenger door. The witness who chose to remain anonymous, tells us when he arrived at the parking lot he noticed four young individuals walking towards the vehicle.
“We got there and quickly shined the lights towards them hoping they would kind of run off but by then we noticed they were some of them were inside the vehicle maybe looking for things not really quite sure if they took any belongings.”
Officer Rodriguez added that if you are ever in a situation where you have to leave your car behind, always remember to lock your doors and have your windows secured all the way.
If you have any information that can help authorities find the suspects, contact  Weslaco Crime Stoppers at (956) 968- 8477.