After providing funds in Starr County, Congressman Henry Cuellar announced Webb County also received millions of dollars. Officials say this will help keep Laredo safe.
The county received 3.6 million dollars from the Department of Homeland Security, as part of their Operation Stonegarden campaign.
Authorities say that with these funds they will be able to buy new units, cameras and other equipment to support their work. The money will be distributed among several law enforcement agencies with the purpose of keeping the border safe.
“We want to make sure that Border Patrol has local partners and through the Stonegarden by having the extra patrols out there they can help Border Patrol. They are not going to enforce immigration law no immigration law.”
One of the agencies that will receive a portion of the funds is the Laredo Police Department.
“Have more officers in the streets on daily operations. Those officers are primarily assigned for more proactive types of enforcement conducting self-initiating activities, proactive patrols, it helps us be more dedicated and not have these displaced when answering calls for service.”
Since 2015, Operation Stonegarden has helped the Webb County Sheriff’s Office lower the city’s crime rate. They say they’ve reported 61 narcotic seizures and have arrested over 100 people for felony charges.
“Law enforcement is a win-win for law enforcement here in Laredo. We are buying equipment hopefully, later on, we can buy drones and cameras along the border so we can force multiple the efforts that we have here in Webb County.”
Since 2008, Webb County has received over 33 million dollars to help with Operation Stonegarden.