Webb County Commissioners Looking For New Office Space

With Webb County growing, commissioners want to construct a new building for office space and currently have two options.
“We either have the old HEB that’s a block and a half away or the Tex-Mex property which is just the land right now and we have the option to build up or the option of buying HEB building and I guess fix it and get it up to par for whatever we need it for.”
HEB closed its doors June 2016 after 24 years. One of the reasons for its closure was because the building was deteriorating.
Webb county commissioners already own the Tex-Mex property. Commissioner Jesse Gonzalez tells us more about this option.
“What if we build from the ground up? That’s also a good opportunity to be able to manage our money a little bit better if we can’t afford it we stop at a certain square footage and at this building over here it a shell so if we buy it we buy the whole thing which is 48 thousand square feet.”
Commissioner Gonzalez said the cost of the HEB building itself would be about 5 to 7 million dollars. Building a new office space would be about 10 to 12 million.
Commissioners are considering housing the district attorney’s office and the tax office in the new building.
“We are also looking at also convenience for the constituents parking is always a big issue in Laredo we want to get this right we want to make sure that if you’re coming downtown to conduct business that we have the adequate parking space to better serve the community.”
Councilmember Roberto Balli says this move by commissioners indicates the downtown area is growing, which in turn will benefit the economy.
“Having that building occupied will certainly help those restaurants you have the staff of the people at the county offices that will go to different restaurants so that will be able to help to downtown Laredo.
Gonzalez said the county is still discussing how the construction for the new office space will be funded.