Agencies that provide services to victims of abuse fear that the cases of domestic violence may increase with many couples having to stay at home due to the coronavirus.

According to the national domestic violence hotline those who commit this type of abuse take advantage of situations like COVID-19 to exert control over their victims, such as withholding necessary items like hand sanitizers. Sharing false information about the pandemic to scare them, or keeping them from seeking medical attention if they need it.

For Alicia Limon, a former victim of domestic violence, forcing a person to remain at home is the perfect excuse for an abuser to continue his or her mistreatment.

Don’t be afraid but please don’t fight. Be discrete, go to the restroom to make a call I know it is very hard when you have the person abusing you next to you but please, look for a safe place.

The hidalgo county district attorney Ricardo Rodriguez says officers are ready to respond to any call, encouraging those who are victims of domestic violence to contact their local authorities in case of an emergency

If it is occurring at one’s home, I know this will be more of a difficult time because of the different orders that are out there and people are staying home but we want to tell our victims that our offices are open we are taking protective orders we are taking applications we haven’t stopped. Our offices will be available the law enforcement agencies will be available if we have to go to them then so be it

The national domestic violence hotline offers its services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The number to call is 1-800 799-7233.

Local Authorities Encourage Victims of Domestic Violence to Seek Help

Local Authorities Encourage Victims of Domestic Violence to Seek Help