Some doctors in the Rio Grande Valley are warning women who wait for their annual mammogram could risk missing early detection of cancer.

40% of breast cancer cases are detected by a women noticing a lump or change in her breast. Doctors tell Fox News this is one of the main reasons why self examinations are necessary.

“The most important preventative measure to take against breast cancer is self examination which is done by the women herself,” says Carlos Garcia-Cantu, a doctor in the valley.

Doctors are motivating patients to get to know themselves and do self examinations monthly.

Doctor Eugenio Galindo tells Fox News”It’s more effective if they do it the same day each month right after the woman has her menstrual cycle.”

“(There) might be growth of a lump in your breast and your armpit. Changes in your nipple area, or redness or peeling in that nipple or areola area.”

Doctors say once patients start to feel symptoms, the cancer is already in an advanced stage.
It is also important to get an annual mammogram since most cancers don’t have symptoms.

85% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer show to have no family history.