RGV (KFXV) — New details into the navy’s investigation of the collision between the U.S.S. Fitzgerald, and a Japanese ship that took seven navy crew members’ lives.
Five investigations are still ongoing in Yokosuka as to how exactly the deadly collision against a cargo ship happened, more than a week ago.
Memorial arrangements still taking place in Japan after USS Fitzgerald collided with a cargo ship– three times its size– 10 days ago, killing seven U.S. Sailors.
Weslaco native, Noe Hernandez along with six other U.S. Sailors died in the collision.
Authorities still trying to figure out what went wrong that morning and why the large ship was undetected by radars or lookouts throughout the boat but, while this multi-agency investigation continues, families in the U.S. are now awaiting to receive their loved ones.
The U.S. navy held a memorial service this Monday to honor the seven sailors.
We’re told, part of Hernandez’s family was in Japan for the memorial service.
There’s still not an exact date as to when Hernandez’s remains will arrive to the valley.
We’ll keep you updated.