Reynosa (KFXV) — We move across the border now where armed gunmen shot-up a family’s party in Reynosa, killing four — all residents of McAllen. As a warning, the following images are considered graphic.
Mexican newspaper, El MaƱana reports that late saturday night the four individuals were in Mexico visiting family and having a barbecue when they were fatally gunned down outside the house of the family they were visiting.
Authorities have identified the individuals only by their first names and ages as Robert and Paula “N”, both 60, and their son, Hugo and his wife, Rocio “N,” both 30.
Neighbors called for emergency personnel but when they arrived, it was too late, and the four were dead. The younger couple’s six-year-old child is the only remaining survivor.
Friends of the family confirmed the family held a funeral this afternoon in Reynosa.