Valley Jail uses IRIS technology to identify inmates

A Rio Grande Valley jail is using new technology set to improve inmates identification processes. Cameron county jail is one of only two along the Texas-Mexico border to add this method.

Cameron county jail using iris technology and identifying inmates. The use of irises can be captured more accurately than fingerprints of recognizing a person no matter where they were arrested or first entered into the system within 20 seconds making the process faster and more efficient.

When inmate is being booked officers take their id number name date of birth and scanned their eyes to make sure it’s the right person.

“That helps us to identify an individual that may be wanted somewhere else because he’s a predator, or because he might have committed a homicide, or a rape, or a kidnapping so we know exactly who he is” – Sheriff Omar Lucio

According to sheriff Omar Lucio, some offenders attempt to assume a new identity to avoid being recognized and prosecuted for their crimes. Iris will change that.

“They will know that when he says his name is Juan Gonzalez, his name is actually Juan Garcia, so that (IRIS) helps us to identify an individual that may be wanted somewhere else.”

Cameron county joints El Paso and being one of the first along the Texas-Mexico border to implement the technology.  To police, the use of it in this area is crucial.

“Because of the immigrants that are coming in, all the young kids that are coming in all by themselves. If nothing else we have a database and that’s going to be helpful to a lot of people.”

Lucio says that all counties along the border will eventually apply the same technology.

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