UTPA Survey Says Winter Texan Population Is Declining

A recent survey conducted by UTPA says the winter Texan population seems to be declining.

The 2013 – 2014 analysis was performed by UTPA marketing director penny Simpson and the good news is that of the 14 hundred winter Texans surveyed, 96.6 percent said they plan to return to the Rio Grande valley.

What does this mean for south Texas? It means that with population declining we could also see a 7.2 percent reduction in their economic impact. The report states that two years ago, winter Texans spent an estimated 751 million dollars, and this year they spent 710 million dollars.

Local chambers of commerce, including McAllen, Edinburg, Hidalgo, Weslaco and the Rio Grande valley partnership are now seeking ways to attract a new generation of retirees to our region.

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