Laredo, Texas — Laredo Police department has confirmed that it was one of their bullets that hit one of three victims involved in a shooting last week on Knoll Lane.

22-year-old Cesar Terraza ambushed officers with gunfire while attempting to enter his ex-girlfriend’s home. Once inside his former girlfriend, her 52-year-old mother and 21-year-old brother were able to disarm Terraza who shot his ex’s mother twice in the process.

Once his former girlfriend’s brother exited the home with Terraza’s firearm where he was struck by one shot from officers to end a perceived threat.

“We came to a realization via video, audio, and statements from the officers that the male victim that was injured during the shooting was in fact injured by one of the officers when this person at the home with the rifle.”

Claudio Trevino – Laredo Police Chief

The male shot by police remains in the hospital. The mother of his ex-girlfriend and a wounded officer were both released after receiving treatment for their injuries. 

All three officers involved are on administrative reassignment spending and ongoing investigation. Terrazas faces several charges including two counts of attempted capital murder and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.