Residents have gone months without hot water and more than a week without gas leaving them without something most us take for granted, however now a temporary solution is being provided.

One resident we spoke to says her parents had been living months without hot water.
“We haven’t been able to take a bathe with hot water for about 4 months now, I would heat the water up in the stove and that’s how we would bathe,” the resident told us.

Brownsville Housing Authority referred Fox News to The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. HUD Regional Public Affairs confirmed to Fox News they have been closely monitoring the situation.

HUD tells Fox the owner of the property is responsible under contract to maintain all units to meet housing quality standards.

HUD and apartment complex management say a temporary gas line connected to the boilers will heat the water and be set in place by Thursday evening.

Residents were given 100 dollar gift cards to purchase electric stove tops while the permanent gas line is being fixed. Authorities say it should be functional in the next two to three weeks.