Undocumented Families Seeking Legal Help could become Victims of Scams

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The Manchaca family is cautiously optimistic about the future, but as they move on with the legal process, there are some dangers they need to be aware of. President Barack Obama has announced he will grant temporary legal status and work permits to almost five million undocumented immigrants living in the country illegally. That includes Adela, who has spent the last 15 years without a legal status.

But the president’s orders might benefit more than just undocumented immigrants… Nonprofit organizations such as south Texas civil rights project say scammers could prey on families seeking legal aid.

That is why they are ready to assist families with this new process.

The news is welcomed by Adela‚Äôs daughter Roxanna, a U.S. Born citizen, who expressed relief to know her mother will be able to come out of the shadows; however it’s been a long-awaited decision. Now the Manchaca family will have to abide by the president’s conditions of paying back taxes and pass a criminal background check…

However there is still fear, that without an immigration reform, their hopes will be short lived. If you wish more information on the executive action and how to seek legal aid.

You may contact the Texas civil rights project at 956-787-7188.