United Independent School District wants to make sure the safety of students is not jeopardized… That is why they are implementing new safety measures before the school year begins.
Several law enforcement agencies gathered this morning to talk about safety in schools and how it can be improved.
Police at United ISD say they are enforcing its security measures. Now they will have 24/7 access to every building in the district. They will also be installing more metal detectors and enforcing that all school entrances are controlled by administrators.
“Students are reasonably safe in our school district. They are safer in our schools than they are at their own homes. We have spent millions of dollars on camera systems for all the schools and facilities. We have a police officer in every school and security in every school.”
The Laredo Police Department, Laredo Border Patrol and state troopers were some of the officers invited to attend this conference. Each one explaining what can be done to enhance safety measures.
“Right now would be manpower we have law enforcement officers that show up in uniform to help engage any threat that should be there. Helping to secure the schools and secure the children once they are out of the danger zone also we have trained medical personnel that can help provide first aid and other services.”
United ISD will also be partnering with the FBI, the Webb County Sheriff’s Office and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to be more alert on criminal activities happening in the community.