About 110 teachers participated in a teacher orientation. Most of them are new employees in the district.
About five months ago, Elizabeth Duron received her teaching certification. Now, she’s excited to teach fourth graders at Freedom Elementary. She tells us her expectations.
“Good classroom management, have the kids rely attentive, really engaged in the classroom. I just want this year to go really well. I’m going to teach fourth grade so really focus on those STAAR tests; the reading, the writing, the math. Hopefully, this years goes out really good.”
Duron was one of the many teachers participating in this annual orientation. In a period of three days, teachers will receive curriculum training, learn how to become an effective teacher and meet their coworkers.
“It’s very important that they partake in this orientation because it provides them the tools and the resources that they will need for the first day of school, so that’s very important today. Especially today we do have that time allocated for them where they are assigned a mentor at their campus level so that they can continue with that support system.”
With school just around the corner, teachers have this message for students.
“Hey, like school is back. Get ready to go to sleep early, turn in those cell phones and let’s get ready for a good year.”
The first day of school for UISD is August 15 and for LISD the 13.