It’s National Work Zone Awareness Week and Texas Department of Transportation wants people to know they should slow down and move over in construction areas.
Department officials recommend drivers to always expect the unexpected when driving by these zones.
According to the Department of Public Safety, in just this year over 10 thousand traffic tickets have been issued to drivers who are not slowing down. In just the Rio Grande Valley, 398 people were injured in 2017 as a result of distractions or speeding by construction zones.
While technology is responsible for distractions, this time it’s being put to a good use. TxDOT is using virtual technology to give people insight into what it’s like being a worker in the zone in the middle of traffic. The video can be found on TxDOT’s social media sites.
Construction workers remind us, cars are not offices, cars are not restaurants, and daily duties should be done before or after driving.