In two separate cases, two minors under the age of 10 were victims of sexual abuse.
The first case was reported October 2018. A five-year-old told her mother she had been sexually assaulted.
“The investigation we were able to get enough evidence against the individual. The person responsible we don’t have the relationship, we do know the offender and the victim are known to each other.”
42-year-old Juan Carlos Acevedo Rojas remains behind bars with a bond set at 100 thousand dollars.
The second case was reported this week. A nine-year-old reported that 43-year-old Jose AngelGomezz Jr. sexually abused her. With two cases reported, Laredo Police remind parents to talk to their children.
“We want to make sure that there is a line of communication with their kids. Anything that they see out of the ordinary, the kids they have the piece of mind to be able to express themselves whenever there is a situation similar to this. Maybe parents, a teacher, a grandma.”
If you know of someone who has been a victim of sexual assault, report it to the Laredo Police Department at 795-2800.