This morning Harlingen police confirmed the death of a man who was allegedly involved in a standoff that went on for hours.
On Tuesday night at 10:14 pm Harlingen officials responded to the 600 block of North B St. Fox News spoke to the witness who made the call to authorities.She asked to remain anonymous.
“I was sitting outside and I saw them arguing in the front and I saw this guy he put out his gun that’s when I called the cops to come.”
Upon arrival, officers found a man outside the home with a gunshot wound.
“He forced himself inside the house that’s when I heard the shooting going and this guy just comes out all bloody from his neck.”
The man was transported to a local hospital in critical but stable condition. He is now recovering after being taken into surgery. Police say the gunman barricaded himself inside the house for several hours along with a second victim.
The Harlingen swat team was called to the scene to assist with the altercation. After several attempts to make contact with the suspect, the team was able to enter the home where they found both the suspect and the second victim dead.
Police say no others were involved, the motive of the shooting remains under investigation.