The investigation continues in the case of two city employees accused of abusing their official capacity. Some council members are speaking out on the subject.

“It is unfortunate that we see this occur with the people that we trust in our city government to perform the services that people are already paying for.”

In April, a customer presented a complaint to the city of Laredo Solid Waste Department, saying two city employees charged her 100 dollars to remove a pile of branches from her lawn. After an internal investigation, Laredo Police arrested 42-year-old Jose Morales and 46-year-old Hilario Ayala. Both charged with abuse of official capacity.

Now, the city of Laredo has received other complaints.

“We see this type of complaint not only with trash collection but also in others inspections the only way is that we will find outĀ  if people cooperate and report it diligently to the authorities.”

In February, a former city of Laredo employee was charged with theft and tampering with government records. Beatriz Martinez allegedly took money from customer’s residential utility accounts.

Council memberĀ  Charlie Sanmiguel says he has a method in place to prevent this crime from happening again.

“A couple of years ago, some time back I had asked that we begin to implement an annual training that would include training on ethics and what not and just this past month we completed that if I understand correctly, these employees were scheduled for that.”

The city of Laredo is asking the community to report any suspicious activity by dialing 311.