Laredo, Texas– This morning, Raul and Sarita were given lots of surprises. One of them, being named honorary officers.

The Laredo Police Department greeted the children with big smiles at the Gateway to the Americas Bridge. Officers escorted both of them to their main wish, which was riding a helicopter.

Thanks to Fundacion Dr. Sonrisa, their dreams came true. The organization’s mission is to make children who are battling a terminal illness happy.

“It’s a small gesture that we do so hopefully that will last these children a lifetime. It makes us happy and we feel wonderful that we can touch their hearts in a way they will remember forever.”

In total, Dr. Sonrisa has made the dreams of 33 children a reality. Today, it was Raul and Sarita’s day.

The children also took a tour of the police department, went on a shopping spree, ate pizza and were named honorary law enforcement officers. However, the activities don’t end there. This weekend Raul and Sarita will take a trip to San Antonio to visit parks in the area.