An investigation that lasted several months, led to the arrest of two men after an anonymous tip alerted the Sheriff’s Office of suspicious activity inside a home. 

Yesterday, the Webb County Sheriff’s Office arrived at a residence and stopped the driver of a rental truck. After a canine alerted authorities to the presence of narcotics, deputies found 668 pounds of marijuana hidden in furniture. Inside the home, deputies found 48 thousand 810 dollars in cash inside a closet.

Authorities say the suspects tried to mask their crime by pretending to be a family. 

“These people have no shame they tried to mask it with a family with kids. They even had pets in the house. Our experience with narcotics, as soon as you walk in the house, you have portraits pictures and everything.”

In this case, the suspects were identified as 39-year-old Luis Alberto Gonzalez, who tried fleeing the scene, and the driver of the rental truck was identified as 19-year-old Jesus Ramon. 

Sheriff Cuellar says Gonzalez has a criminal record for cocaine possession out of San Antonio. Cuellar adds this case could end in federal court. 

With the investigation ongoing, authorities remind the community to continue reporting suspicious activity. 

“The main goal of the Sheriff of course and myself is to keep the community safe, keep the community clean. If we can keep the drugs away from the community, we keep them away from our kids and that is the most important thing.”

Both men are facing charges of possession of marijuana. The investigation continues in this case.