In the past few days, border patrol has rescued several undocumented immigrants.

At the checkpoint on Interstate 35, agents found 47 undocumented immigrants. The youngest, a 17-year-old. They were all hidden inside a refrigerated tractor-trailer.

“Bottom line it’s just not the temperature that concerns us. Outside it was about 75 degrees so the temperature won’t be too hot inside but if you think about it in terms of being boxed in, locked in 47 individuals in a closed space is there going to be enough air, light? There are a lot of times products are being shipped and they move around and god forbid there be an accident and they don’t have any seatbelts.”

Authorities say that when the driver was directed to a secondary inspection, he sped off causing a chase that ended at the 30-mile marker of Interstate 35.

“The desperation of the smugglers that they are starting not to stop not to comply it’s creating a dangerous situation because it’s a point of concern they put the other drivers in jeopardy as well.”

The driver and a female passenger were arrested, both united states citizens. This case is now being investigated by Homeland Security Investigations.