Preparing For A Tropical Storm In The Valley

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Mother Nature is unpredictable and with recent a rain hitting the Valley flooding has already cost families their homes and thousands of dollars in damages therefore being prepared is key.

“We haven’t had any problems with the rain.. With recent rain that we’ve been having no.”

But that can all change in a matter of seconds not being prepared could cost you the first thing, experts say you should do to protect your home from a possible natural disaster is secure your windows.

“Two things that you could use it’s either the plywood that we sell it here and we could cut it to the size of whatever window you got. Duct tape. What it is going to do it is always going to help you”

Also, it is best if you are equipped with essential things that can come in handy if the lights go out or if the rain comes in and could potentially save your life.

“We got tarp, we got rope, we got first aid kit… This is one of the most important things in case of hurricane season and flashlights.

It’s also recommended that you clean the gutters so that no water gets stuck in your roof…

Hurricane season ends on November 30th

Experts say it is best if you have these things handy.

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