RGV (KFXV) — These are images from the bullet that struck Javier Olmedo on a September day back in 2015 — part of the evidence shown today in court.
One of the most sought out testimonies given in court today was Dr. Norma Farley who performed the autopsy on Javier Olmedo.
Photographs of Javier Olmedo’s autopsy were shown today within the evidence presented before a jury.
She described his death was rather quick as the bullet impact was on his left temple.
Jorge Alberto Guajardo, driver accused of taking part in the homicide showed calm however avoided looking at the autopsy photos.
Along with the testimonies that Guajardo and the jury heard today was also Detective Saldana’s testimony, who took a lead in the investigation.
He described how he was one of the first on the scene and about the process he and his team took to recover the bullet casings.
Raul Rene Rodriguez, man accused of shooting Olmedo is to testify in court in the next days.