It was a tense day at court after family members had to relive the moments leading up to finding the lifeless body of Lesley Sanchez.

Mario Angel Gonzalez never turned around during his court hearing. He is accused of murdering the 16-year-old in 2017.

The first witness to testify was Lesley’s uncle, who said that after family members realized Lesley was missing, they began calling and texting her. After no response, the search began. The family was able to find her body after her best friend tracked her location through the phone GPS. A 911 call reporting the body was played in court, and family members could not contain their tears.

The second witness, an officer with the Laredo Police Department said the teen’s body was found face down and that she only had one shoe on. He said her body was found with ants because it was starting to decompose. Droplets of blood were found going towards her body.

Trial will resume tomorrow morning at the 49th district court with judge Joe Lopez. We will keep you updated as more details develop.