A father is behind bars after his child is found without adult supervision.

At around 4:30 in the afternoon this weekend, a two-year-old was found wandering at the intersection of Ash and Springfield. A passerby stopped and notified authorities.

“They went ahead and they found a house on Ash where the child really couldn’t communicate with the officers where he came from. He was too little and so the officers found an open door and they figured that is where the child came from.”

Inside the home, officers found a woman sleeping. Laredo Police then contacted the child’s mother who says the toddler was left in the care of his father.

“The child’s father was not present at the home had left the child there and goneĀ to runĀ errands but nobody at the home knew the child had been left there. Somehow the child managed to open the door and wander off to the middle of the street.”

Luis Turrubiates was arrested and charged with endangerment of a child.

Authorities say it’s miracle the child was not injured in this case, that is why the Children’s Advocacy Center wants the community to be alert.

“Lock the doors and make sure that you have a lock where their child can’t reach and remember that the child may not be able to reach but children are intelligent and they may get on top of something else to unlock it, so be careful with what you use.”

To prevent these types of incidents, authorities remind the community to keep children under constant supervision.