Tiger Cub Rescued After Being Left In Duffel Bag

Yesterday, agents came across three people trying to enter the united states illegally. Authorities that responded to the scene, noticed they were carrying a black duffel bag, they left the bag and returned to Mexico. Once they approached the bag they found a sedated tiger cub.
One of the veterinarians who treated the tiger explained its condition and how they treated him.
“My staff provided it with iv fluids, ice baths to cool the body temperature down and over the next couple of hours to recover and now it seems to be quite happy.”
Border patrol chief, Manuel Padilla says they’ve seen animals smuggled before.
“Anything that is illegal, and there’s a demand here in the united states or vice-versa, you will find smugglers that try to move the commodity.”
He adds that the last time a tiger was smuggled into the country was last year in California. The tiger will stay at the zoo for now.
“We’re gonna try to find it a home, so the tiger at this point has been signed over to the government, I believe and so it’s up to us now in a sanctuary mode to find it someplace to live.”
At the moment, there are no plans for the tiger to remain at Gladys Porter Zoo.

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