It has been three years since the disappearance of Daniel Sekula. Even though years have passed, his family continues to look for answers.  

“I want to know what happened. I want to be able to lay at night and not be wondering if he was murdered, was he put in a barrel? Was he buried? Like a dog, was he thrown into the ocean?”

According to the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s  Office, Daniel was last seen March 2016 in Donna. Danielle adds that she witnessed her father’s change in behavior ever since her brother Dustin Sekula passed away. 

“Ever since my brother was killed, my mom and my dad have never been the same. To lose your child has got to be the hardest thing in the whole world.”

Daniel is 62 years old, he is 5 feet, 6 inches tall, has brown hair, blue eyes and weighs approximately 140 pounds. 

Elisa Sekula, Daniel’s ex-wife says she was the last family member to see him back in January 11, 2016. She says that even though she didn’t have a good relationship with her ex, she hopes they find him soon. 

“I believe that he is not alive and that he is buried somewhere in the valley and that the people that did it got away or are going to get away with it. I believe that somewhere, maybe someone knows something.”

If you have any information that may help this case, contact the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office at (956) 383-8114.