Texas– Just a few days ago governor Greg Abbott waived several regulations to allow graduate students to take action during this pandemic.

Marilin Garcia is a graduate student at the university of texas Rio grande valley in nursing. A few months prior to graduating she received the news that she would be able to provide her services even before taking her licensing exam.

My other classmates and I… we were talking about it and we where kind of in awe that that had occurred we knew that it might happen and then it actually did so stating that if we need to go out in the field we will be going out in the field.

This measure, authorized by governor Abbott, will provide the opportunity for thousands of students in the nursing field who are about to graduate, to help patients due to COVID-19. It also allows for retired professionals to reactivate their licenses at no additional cost.

According to state senator Jose Menendez, this approach is being adopted at a national that allows other people with professional medical experience to join the fight against the coronavirus.

The federal government is doing everything they can to go out and look for people that were doctors and retired, or nurses that could be useful to help out with the other cases.

If you are a graduate nursing student or a retired medical professional interested in helping slow the spread of COVID-19, you can register online at www.Texas.Gov.