If you walk inside the lobby of the Judith Zaffirini student center at Texas A&M International University, you might see a display of chairs that represent thirty people that have lost their lives for being under the influence of alcohol. 

Each chair is a story. Like 19-year-old Kellie Fullilove, who lost her life due to an alcohol and drug overdose while at a fraternity party. She had a .50 blood alcohol count and cocaine in her system. Or 21-year-old Brett Vogt who was found on the ground in the early morning hours. His injuries indicated that he lost his life in a fall. A toxicology report found alcohol in his system. 

“To consider other options other than having to consume alcohol. There are other ways to have a good time with friends and family and have a good time at the beach or whatever they choose to do, but this is really to take a step back.” 

Each story is an incident that happened nationwide as a way to tell students that a tragedy can happen at any time and any place. 

Students say it’s sad to read what happened. Adding that it sends a strong message of celebrating spring break responsibly.

This exhibition is part of week-long events that TAMIU has planned for students to raise awareness on how to be safe during spring break.