Student detained after allegedly passing out THC brownies

Student was detained by the Weslaco police department after allegedly passing out brownies baked with marijuana.

Weslaco ISD responded by issuing these two press releases about the arrest of a Weslaco east high school student after they supposedly passed out brownies with pot in them…
Last Wednesday the district released a statement on the detention of the student but they did not specify the reason for the arrest. In the press release, they reaffirm their position in providing a safe environment for students. They have not released the details of the incident because the student is a minor and the investigation is ongoing…
We tried to get in contact with school authorities but they refused to comment until Weslaco PD concludes the investigation and instead sent us home with these press releases instead.
They also sent us a document on how the school district deals with drugs such as hosting campaigns to discourage the use of illegal drugs– with programs such as red ribbon week, providing multiple health classes and several advisory classes on the dangers of substance abuse and more. They also provide an active security department, a K-9 unit for drug detection and work closely with the police department.
The possession of any amount of marijuana is illegal in Texas and can land a person in jail. At this point, police still have work to do before the case is closed.

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