Westbrook Clinic is one of many places across the valley that offers free services to prevent sexually transmitted diseases. 

According to some medical experts in the Rio Grande Valley, year after year they observe an increase in the number of patients who arrive at their facilities after spring break. This is why officials advise the public on the different ways they can be protected.

Oscar Lopez with the Valley Aids Council says that generally, 70% of patients who come after spring break are young people from ages 15 to 24. 

Among the exams offered are blood, urine and oral exams which are conducted to detect diseases such as chlamydia and gonorrhea. Blood examinations for HIV are also available free of charge. This agency also gives out condoms at different locations in an effort to decrease risk. 

“Risk being, there are some people we don’t know. Keep in mind that when you have a partner and you have intercourse, you are having intercourse with that person and with all the people with whom that person has been with.”

Experts remind the community of the importance of getting a medical check-up at least once a year and or whenever you have a new sexual partner.