A state representative wants to focus more on mental health.

This morning, state representative Richard Peña Raymond announced funding aimed towards behavioral health and substance abuse.

During a press conference, Peña Raymond announced how the legislature approved nearly 8 billion dollars for better identification and treatment of behavioral health issues.

“Where we are now establishing programs to communicate and connect with all the schools in texas to try and identify young people that are having a problem and identifying the help that we can get them.”

According to the representative, funds will go towards expanding telemedicine programs as well as to support the school safety bill which aims to improve safety in schools, support behavioral health programs across 23 state agencies as well as provide help to those struggling with substance abuse.

“A lot of people that abuse substances whether its drugs, drinking, whatever we know that they are trying to address an issue they are dealing with on their mind we have substance abuse programs here as well this will go a long way helping these people too.”

This will reduce the substance abuse treatment waitlist for pregnant women and women with dependent children.

Peña Raymond emphasizes there has to be more awareness involving mental health adding he is proud of the work the legislature has done.