State Representative Richard Peña Raymond talked more about the Texas legislative session.

During a press conference, Peña Raymond talked about the bills that were passed, most of them focusing on education.

Some of these include increasing school safety and improving the identification and treatment of children’s mental health issues.

One bill is putting 5-billion dollars for real property tax relief.

“We are willing to pay property taxes but you know I felt that we had to do something to scale that back to bring some relief in reference to city and county they can increase the property tax to 8 percent now that has changed, we brought it back down to 3.5 percent.”

Another item Peña Raymond fought for was an increase in salaries for teachers. Including 4.5 billion in new funds for public education along with 2-billion for increased teacher compensation.

“It was a tough five months but I’m very happy with the results. I think people in Laredo will be happy too. I think our schools will be better, our programs will be better and looking forward to the next 15 years you will see a cut in property taxes significantly.”

The representative says that in the wake of hurricane Harvey, the legislature prioritized funding for flood infrastructure to mitigate future damage from natural disasters.