On Monday several mayors from Starr County met with various federal agencies to discuss the future of the border wall in the county.
Escobares Mayor Noel Escobar tells Fox News that federal officials told him and other mayors that the border wall will be a ballard fence and it will be 18 feet tall. Although he is not certain exactly where the wall will be placed, he does say it will affect some of his community.
“mostly here in Escobares, we’re talking farmland, some farmland that will be affected, we have irrigation fields here.”
Homeland security will be sending out letters to landowners along the river to request entry into their property to survey the land for the border wall, the letters should be sent out in the next couple of weeks.
We went to the city of Roma where the fence could also be placed and spoke to residents on how they felt about the wall.
“I’m against it, I don’t believe we should be divided because our roots come from Mexico. We have our heritage over there, I don’t believe they should build it.”
At the moment, Mayor Escobar says they will continue to meet with authorities to follow up on the status of the new wall, but says construction is expected to begin next year.