With the National Guard already in our region and more soldiers to come, we spoke with Starr County Judge Eloy Vera on what he thinks of these guardsmen in the county.
“Personally I don’t have an issue with the military and I don’t think very many people do.”
Vera says that Senator John Cornyn called his office before the deployment of the troops in order to explain the process, he also tells us that as judge he’s seen the National Guard in his county before.
“If we hadn’t been told that they were in our community, we wouldn’t have known, because they’re in the river they’re doing their job. They’re just the hand, eyes, arms of the border patrol.”
According to border patrol, the Rio Grande Valley sector is the busiest region for illegal activity and one city in Starr County is a busy entryway for drugs.
“The McAllen station leads the nation in illegal apprehensions and  Rio Grande City leads the nation in marijuana seizures.”
Although vera states that Starr County is one of the safest counties in this region, he still hopes having boots on the ground will help border patrol better control the situation.
“Certainly that would be a deterrent and we can bring in under control, so yeah definitely it’s going to help and improve.”
At the moment, many of these troops have been seen in the area of Roma, a city in western Starr County.