Spa Owner Pleaded “Not Guilty”

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Elva Navarro pleaded ‘not guilty’ in court this afternoon.
Following her arrest last week, Elva Navarro showed up in federal court once again for a detention and bond hearing. She’s accused of violation of FDA rules after allegedly injecting her clients with liquid silicone at ‘Bella Face and Body Spa’.
The 37-year-old was composed during the hearing with little to say except for pleading not guilty.
Prosecutors attempted to convince Judge Dorina Ramos of denying bond because of the alleged threat Navarro poses to our community, arguing that one of the victims by the name of Xenia Cisneros-Reyes died of complications from the injected silicone.
Navarro was arrested in October for her believed participation in the kidnapping of a UTPA student and in November for charges of practicing medicine without a license, which pertains to this case.
But her defense lawyer, Terry Canales, fought for a bond, down-playing her criminal history and refuting the charges against her assuring the court her client would not flee.
If found guilty of the alleged crimes, Navarro could be looking at a maximum of three years in prison and a fine no greater than $10,000.
The judge ordered more evidence be presented so she may determine whether to allow bond, that decision would be made in a hearing which could happen as early as this Friday.