Seven out of Eleven Raid Suspects Face Judge

Following the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s raid Thursday south of Alamo in the community known as little México, deputies rounded up a total of 11 suspects, 7 of whom faced a judge today.

Justice of the Peace Bobby Contreras arraigned five people accused of attempted murder, including 21 year-old Mike Casas, 25 year-old José Lerma, 38 year-old Daniel Villegas, 25 year-old José Luis Gonzalez, and 18 year-old Leopoldo Hinojosa, all of whom were issued a $250,000 bond.

Also facing charges were 29 year-old José Antonio Lopez and his wife Monica, who were allegedly in possession of controlled substances and marijuana, in addition to child endangerment charges. They received $400,000 and $350,000 bonds respectively.

The judge says the operation was aimed at curbing gang violence that erupted in multiple shootings on December 1st. Two other suspects a still pending arraignment. Authorities say more arrest may follow and encourage the public to share tips by calling (956) 668-8477.

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