Senator Jose Menendez is asking to put a moratorium of two years on the STAAR state exam, saying the test is unfair to students.  

According to Menendez, research has shown the test measures student achievement on average two to three years above grade level. 

“Parents and grandparents with their stories and the teachers with the stories of how students’ anxiety goes up the roof with worry and first I don’t think it’s right to have this high testing.”

The STAAR exam is a state test that students from 3rd to 12th grade take. School officials say the problem is the reading portion of the exam. 

“We have known that the STAAR  test for reading is about two grade levels above the tested year, for example, third-graders might be tested with a reading test with a readability level for a fifth-grade student.”

 Laredo Independent School District say they support making changes with the exam. 

“Any legislation that supports to benefit our students reducing our STAAR  testing is appreciative as it is. We think our students are overtested students start testing on the third grade. 

The Texas Education Agency says they believe their exams are on grade level and will continue to rely on teacher’s judgment to determine an appropriate grade level expectation for students.