McAllen, Texas — The acting secretary of homeland security Chad Wolf came to the valley this afternoon to see first hand the construction of the border wall.

Accompanied by border patrol agents, wolf toured close to the construction of this wall, a few miles away activists decided to protest in regards to this same issue.

Wolf touched on topics such as the migrant protection protocol and the impact it has generated when it comes to reducing the number of cases where migrants were caught, processed and released a few days later.

DHS is using this program to end catch and release and mitigate the humanitarian crisis at the border, the program has also helped the US provide robust and timely due process for more than 60,000 individuals seeking immigration hearings.

Wolf added that approximately 500 miles of levee wall will be installed, of which they already have 83 miles.., when asked about the levee wall being remodeled in some places where it was installed some years ago he said the following.

“When we tear down the 1970s era wall that is 7 or 8 feet high and you put up what is behind us, it’s not a replacement law, it’s a new physical infrastructure.”

Border patrol agents added that the decrease in numbers of Central Americans coming into the US has allowed for agents to resume their operations, and therefore allowing them to focus on projects relating to the construction of this barrier and other safety measures.

It was this past Wednesday when Wolf was appointed as acting secretary of DHS. This makes him the 5th person to take over this position since Trump went into office in 2017.