Second Suspect Arrested in Rural Mercedes Murder Case

A second suspect is arrested in connection with the murder of Gilberto Garcia Garces found dead in rural Mercedes, and police believe others may be involved.

Police tell FOX 2 News they’re looking for more people in connection to this case, because the victim was kidnapped then murdered.

The second suspect is identified as Adalberto Guardado.

The 36-year-old arrested Monday is now charged with capital murder for his possible role in the death of Gilberto Garcia Garces, who was kidnapped from a tire shop and found dead near FM 491 on April 7.

“The reason why the charge is capital murder is because the victim was kidnapped from that location, was forcefully taken from the tire shop where he was last seen out to the location in south Mercedes where we believe that’s where he was murdered.”

According to investigators, Guardado and Garcia Garces knew each other.

“They were acquaintances and we have established a possible motive with a connection to drugs, to narcotics.”

Surveillance video released by the sheriff’s office shows two women who are potential witnesses to the crime.

Guardado’s bond is set at one million dollars. If you have any information, call the Mercedes crime stoppers hotline at (956) 668-8477.