Just two weeks after the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned an injunction placed on a controversial law, opponents are not ready to give up just yet.The American Civil Liberties Union and other activists are requesting the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals to revisit the case regarding Senate Bill 4 also known as the “show me your papers law.” Senate Bill 4 allows law enforcement officers to question a person’s immigration status during an arrest or detention..t the law had been blocked by a federal judge in August. That blockage was previously overruled by the Fifth Court of Appeals allowing certain provisions of SB4 to move forward. The only one not in effect is one that punishes local officials for endorsing policies that prohibit enforcement of immigration laws, but those that support the law say a judge has made a decision and it’s time to respect it. One thing both parties can agree on is if the discussion continues, it could take years before its resolved.