RGV(KFXV) — SB4 has will not go into effect until September, but pro-immigrant groups say it’s already impacting one of their programs.

La Union Del Pueblo entero says there’s been a significant decrease in the number of people seeking healthcare at mobile clinics through their health on wheels program.

The Health on Wheels Program connects the community with access to healthcare via mobile clinics, these are brought into colonias and low-income neighborhoods where the need for healthcare is in greater need. While the number of visits dropped after President Trump took office – a decrease became more noticeable after SB4 was signed into law.

LUPE says they fear SB4 will not only affect their program, but other healthcare programs across the valley. The greater impact is the risk taken by those who unwillingly neglect their health.

LUPE says they will continue to work to make sure the community has access to health care services through their program and will adopt new strategies to make sure they respond to their needs.